Monday, August 27, 2012

October 2011-1st Half w Photos

(In a tree, making snicker doodles with me, painting, and awwww-she's -so-cute)
*Amaia's first imaginary friend is (wait for it...................) Malificent! Yup, from Sleeping Beauty. Don't be too worried though, Amaia turned Malificent nice and so it's not all doom and gloom.
*Amaia's always talking about how "That's how Heavenly Father made me/it"
*Amaia got Rapunzel for her birthday, and ever since she watched it she is completely obsessed. She got a set of Rapunzel toys from another Daddy/Amaia night, which came with a poster that she made me hang on the wall, it's the only movie she wants to watch on movie days, and she always wants the soundtrack on so she can dance to it
*Amaia has started to pick up some larger adjectives and it's so fun to hear her randomly say things like "fantastic", "wonderful", or "exciting" in every day conversation
*Every once in a while Justin will say "I'm so glad I left my tower!" and Amaia will say "No! We don't have a tower we have a house and we are still here!"
(Our science experiments-What's That Smell? and Will it Sink or Float?)

(Solia's Hand and Foot Print Flowers, Amaia's (the big one) Flowers, and some finger painting)

(Justin bought Amaia a Rapunzel dress and a wig for thier Daddy/Amaia night)

(I love these girls!)
*We did the conference candy treats for Amaia again this year but she was too busy playing with Solia to sit and listen, so it didn't really work out too well
*Justin and I tried to take the girls to see the parade they had downtown in Hyde Park for the induction of Rapunzel into the official Disney Princesses. We drove, and then scootered, and about 100 yards away from the 'road' we hear all sorts of cheering-by the time we got up there it had passed. BUT, we never told Amaia exactly what we were doing and she was just super excited to see all the little girls dressed up in their princess dresses.
*When the girls play together, 90% of the time it is happy and loving and hugs and laughing-they hardly ever fight or hurt or yell.

(Climbing onto the TV stand, food all over, here's a leaf, running, and pink cheeks from the sun)
*Solia finally calls me 'mama' instead of 'dada'! Every time she sees me she says 'mama' then runs over for hugs and cuddles
*When Solis gives hugs, she likes to pat or rub you on the back
*She will shake her head for 'no'
*Solia 'signs' the word 'food' by pointing to her mouth and saying 'bbbbfffff"
*Solia thinks all birds are ducks (pronounced 'duh!) beucase we would always say "come look at the ducks Solia" even if there were other kinds of birds out back
*Solia has been kind of grumpy lately.
*Solia starts to hypervenilae and freak out if she sees Amaia touching her Blankey or Roosky
*No matter what she is doing, if you play the "Something That I Want" from the end credits of Tangled, she will immediately start dancing
*If you ask Solia for a kiss, and she doesn't want one, she'll shake her head 'no' and cover up your mouth with her hands
*Solia is quite the daredevil. She often falls or jumps off of things like stair, or tables she's climbed on, or anything like that. And she doesn't always wait for you to come catch her either-sometimes it requires a mad football dive to catch her.
*Solia is just as obsessed with Rapunzel as Amaia is
*If Amaia gets sad or hurt, and is crying, Solia will run over all on her own and hug and kiss her better
*Solia can sign 'food', 'flower', 'cold', 'daddy', 'sad/tired' and 'bath'
*If Solia gets hurt, she'll grab her Roosky and Blankey, run over, sit on my lap, and shove the hurt part in my face for me to kiss it. As soon as I do, she gets up and takes off like nothing even happened.
*Solia says 'yes' by going "UH" like she just got punched in the stomach
*All you have to do to get a kiss from Solia (and Amaia for that matter) is lay down on the floor and say "I died" or "I'm dead" and she'll run over to give you 'true love's kiss' to wake you up
*Solia can say 'mama', 'dada', 'ba' (ball), 'ba' (book), 'duh' (ducks), 'boof' (food), and 'Ama' (Amaia)
*She has figured out how to make 'stairs' so she can climb up onto things that are too tall for her to reach from the floor
*Solia has been waking up at like 5:30/6am every day. I go lay on the couch and turn on Baby Signing Time for her while I go back to sleep
*Solia is still super obsessed with that little baby doll that makes noises (from the Sept video)

(Our Plan of Salvation Chalk Painting-Thanks Jordan and Erin for the idea!)

(Soy Sauce Taste Test)
So the Sushi taste test. We have this one recipe, Sweet and Sour chicken (which is not like any other sweet and sour chicken that I've ever had) that I MUST use the La Choy brand soy sauce. Well, they obviously don't have this in London and we ran out of our reserve that we smuggled brought with us. So, we bought every brand at the store, made up like a half/quarter batch of each, and tasted them all. That plate up there in the picture is Justin's, btw.  Mine was just little blobs of crap haphazardly arranged on my plate. He had his all organized with perfect little pineapple sections in the middle.

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